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NEWS Spring or autumn is best!
Spring or autumn is best!

The tourist season in Amorgos begins just before Greek Orthodox Easter (i.e. beginning to mid-April, depending on the year) and lasts until around the end of October. Peak season is during the two hottest summer months, July and August. However, nature-lovers and hikers prefer to visit the island during low season, in April, May, June and after mid-September. The main reason for this preference is the weather. The average temperature on the island is around 17 degrees Celsius in April, 21.2 degrees in May, 23.6 in June, 23.8 in September and 19.5 degrees in October (data for year 2013 from the Amorgos weather station). These pleasant temperatures, combined with the lack of rainfall during those months, and the abundant sunlight, constitute ideal conditions for pleasant and non-strenuous hiking. In spring-time especially, the natural landscape is spectacular. The island bears no resemblance to its dry, sun-scorched midsummer self. Everything is verdant, the fields are full of wildflowers and blooming herbs, sage, wild oregano and thyme. With temperatures often above 20 degrees Celsius, bathing in the sea is also a pleasant option. As a rule, there are no strong winds in spring and autumn; the ‘meltemi’ northerly winds usually start after mid-July. Thus, the sea is usually calm and perfect for swimming. Another important element is the price of accommodation; due to reduced demand, hotel prices are substantially lower during the low season: